Eric L. Fritsch

Systems Engineer




Fort Collins, CO 80526





Professional Summary:

Senior Systems Engineer with over 20 years of experience managing enterprise data center infrastructures. Combined strong analytical and troubleshooting skills along with experience spearheading technical projects delivering high quality solutions including three patent filings.



Hewlett-Packard / Hewlett-Packard Enterprise                      Fort Collins, CO         


Lead Systems Engineer (Labs)            April 2011 – Present



  • Lead a team of Systems Administrators responsible for supporting software development teams around the globe.
  • Manage an entire core infrastructure including large VMware clusters (over 150 ESXi hosts), DNS/DHCP servers, storage arrays, SAN, L2 network switches and monitoring tools.
  • Continuously creating, maintaining and troubleshooting complex test environments in a 50,000 square foot heterogeneous datacenter using HPE’s entire fleet of hardware and “next generation” prototypes.
  • Implementation of Open-Source solutions such as Squid proxy, KVM and Zabbix monitoring
  • Provide end-to-end setup including integration, configuring SAN and network architecture, storage array setup and allocation, OS installations and custom configurations, virtual and physical.
  • Constantly learning exciting new technologies from the rudimentary stages of development through final product releases. Continuously playing a large role through the entire life cycle of lab environments.
  • Project planning, budgetary advice, lab space management, hardware purchasing, shipment receiving, hardware setup, environment configurations, environment maintenance, and equipment recycling.


Specific skills:

  • Hardware
    • Synergy 12000 Frames
      • OneView management
      • Multi-Enclosure rings
      • Next generation interconnect modules
    • C7000 Platinum Enclosures
      • Virtual Connect Manager
      • VC FlexFabric
      • VC Flex10
      • 4/8GB FC modules
      • OneView management
    • HPE Blade servers
    • Rack mount servers
    • Intelligent PDU
  • VMware systems administrator
    • ESX 7 / vCenter 7 / vCenter Server Appliance
    • Implementation of HA, DRS, vSphere Distributed Switches, vSAN
    • Upgrade/Patch management using Update Manager
    • VMware Plug-ins
  • Network management
    • Setup and maintain networks using a mix of Cisco, Procurve, and 3COM switches
    • Network Address Translation
    • LACP (Link Aggregation)
  • Storage Area Networks
    • Brocade and Qlogic
    • Port / WWN level zoning fabrics
    • Flat SAN configurations
  • Storage Arrays
    • HPE Alletra
      • 5k, 6k and 9k series
    • HPE Primera
      • 600 Series
    • 3PAR
      • F-Series, V-series and 7000 series
      • Remote Copy implementation for data migration
    • EVA
      • 6400 and 4400 series
  • Windows OS
    • Windows 2012-2019
    • Windows AD, DNS, DHCP, Group Policy
    • HyperV
    • SCVMM
    • Cluster Shared Volumes
  • Linux
    • Rocky Linux
    • CentOS
    • Redhat
  • Scripting
    • Python
    • PowerCLI
    • Shell scripting
    • PHP
    • PowerShell
  • Monitoring
    • Zabbix
    • Grafana
    • Splunk
    • SNMP
  • Documentation / Training
    • Create lab level training modules
    • Conduct presentations via video conference and classroom environments
    • 1:1 impromptu training 


EchoStar Broadcasting Corporation                                        Cheyenne, WY         


Systems Engineer        May 2009 – April 2011


Primary duties: Systems Engineer in a mixed OS environment  consisting of physical and virtual Linux and Windows 2003 and 2008 Servers; Windows domain management including Active Directory, Group Policy, Exchange 2008/2010, DNS, DHCP, IIS and Terminal Services; VMware ESX/vSphere virtualization configuration and management; Storage Area Network architecture; Management of application upgrades and migrations across multiple platforms in a real-time production environment; Lead engineer for multiple projects including hardware upgrades, hardware infrastructure design and deployment, 3rd party software testing and process improvement; Participate in a 24x7 on-call rotation to ensure the stability and integrity of operations and quickly troubleshoot and analyze failures to minimize outages and service interruptions.


Specific duties:

  • Primary VMware administrator for  ESX 3.5 and vSphere 4.0
    • Migration of over 130 virtual machines in a live enterprise environment
    • Installed and configured a dual HP c7000 chassis environment with 6 dedicated blade servers consisting of 24 sockets for VMware vSphere and 64 sockets for ESX 3.5.
    • Implemented an external storage solution using HP LeftHand SAN technology.
    • Configured VLAN trunking on Cisco 3020 switches for multiple network availability
  • Linux engineer for bleeding-edge commercial insertion system
    • Headed the hardware and software implementation in a multi-node, multi-networked environment
      • Four HP C7000 chassis (Production and Testbed)
      • MSA 2300 Fiber channel SAN solution using client side MPIO (Windows and  Linux)
      • Four DL685s running Windows 2008 server and SQL 2010 with direct connect fiber access to SAN architecture
      • Mixed Linux platform consisting of RedHat 5.3 Enterprise and customized Ubuntu OS
    • Primary engineer for continuous on-the-fly architecture changes as required by software developers and business needs
  • Testing and configuration of additional  proprietary appliances and software
    • Harmonic ProStream ADI (data streaming spoolers)
      • Collaborated with international software developers to interpret corporate goals and communicate specific business needs
      • Installed in production environment
      • Migrated from legacy hardware      
    • Interactive Television for Dish Network
      • Tested, installed, and configured interactive applications specifically designed for the Dish Network’s service
      • Worked directly with software developers to help troubleshoot application anomalies
  • Implemented the company’s first open source proxy servers running RedHat 5.3 in a physical and virtual environment
    • Squid Proxy Server
      • Connected to Windows Active Directory for transparent domain authentication using Samba and Winbind
      • Automated traffic reports using SARG and Webmin
      • Installed filtering agents connecting to Websense filtering servers
      • Implemented load balancing  using round-robin DNS configurations
  • Windows Domain Administration
    • Migration from Microsoft Exchange 2003 to 2010
    • Remote administration of domain controllers located at satellite uplink centers in the United States
    • DNS and DHCP configurations
    • Group Policy / Active Directory
    • Acronis backup software
    • SCCM
    • Symantec antivirus
    • WSUS
    • Terminal Services
    • GlobalSCAPE Enterprise FTP
  • Custom scripts used for monitoring and administrative tasks
    • Linux process checking
      • Wrote shell scripts to monitor processes to send alerts using syslog and Solarwinds
      • Streamlined database recovery from backup servers using built-in scripts
    • Automated file transfers
      • Wrote several Windows batch files to assist team members with individual projects, cutting workloads significantly
      • Created batch files for automated file transfers for real-time data services applications



Systems Engineer        June 2005 – May 2009


Primary duties: Linux/Windows System’s Engineer for the Dish Network’s Conditional Access System while maintaining zero production downtime.


Specific duties:

  • IBM Power 5 and Power 6 built on multiple LPARS using VIOS, HMC and NIM servers
  • Principle team member responsible for installing and maintaining Windows 2003 Servers with Terminal Services, Active Directory, DNS and Group Policy management
    • Management of multiple Windows 2003 domain controllers
    • Implementation and maintenance of Active Directory
    • Responsible for Terminal Services installation and user account management
    • Domain Name Service setup using forward and reverse lookup zones
  • Managed over two hundred Terminal Server accounts among several Organization Units, each with tailored Group Policy settings
  • Proactively identified and recommended updates to software, hardware, or architecture as necessary before reaching capacity limitations
  • Developed and implement shell scripts for systems monitoring
  • Configured and maintained Windows XP and Linux diskless terminals
  • Lead and managed multiple complex projects, work with engineering teams and vendors to develop and implement new features and complete them on schedule
  • Management of application upgrades and migrations across multiple platforms in a real-time production environment
  • Responsible for maintaining Linux based diskless hosts using Etherboot and PXE. The diskless architecture includes mission critical computers such as:
    • Dual  logging hosts for capturing log files
    • Email/Paging servers using Cups
    • Diskless xterm workstations used by engineering staff
  • Participated in a 24x7 on-call rotation to ensure the stability and integrity of the operations and quickly troubleshoot and analyze failures to minimize outages and service interruptions
  • Wrote detailed migration and operations guides, document system installs, upgrades, and patches
  • Acted at lead engineer while traveling to multiple remote facilities located within the United States to perform inspections, installations, and upgrades







  • HPE Synergy
  • C7000
  • Blade
  • Proliant
  • iPDU
  • Brocade SAN
  • 3Com
  • Procurve
  • Cisco
  • 3PAR
  • Primera
  • Nimble


  • EVA
  • SAN
  • Dell
  • IBM


  • VMware
  • AWS
  • KVM
  • Active Directory
  • Group Policy
  • HPE OneView
  • Matrix MOE
  • Zabbix
  • Grafana
  • Linux
  • Windows Server
  • FTP
  • NAS
  • SCCM
  • iSCSI
  • ILO






  • BA Degree  Criminal Justice (2009)                                            University of Wyoming
  • AA Degree  Pre-Law (2001)                                                          Laramie County Community College
  • AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner (2023)                                      AWS Certification
  • AWS Partner: Accreditation Technical (2023)                              AWS Partner Training
  • AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate (2021)                A Cloud Guru
  • AmeriTeach (2009)                                                                             VMWARE ESX Virtualization Boot Camp
  • Global Knowledge (2006)                                                                 Microsoft 2003 Server
  • Global Knowledge (2010)                                                                 Microsoft Exchange 2010
  • IBM (2006-2007)                                                                                AIX and virtualization training
  • Microsoft (1999)                                                                                 MCSE Networking Essentials certification